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I am D. Van Bui


Before I embraced my writing career, my life was filled with fulfilling roles as a dedicated mother, loving wife, and successful owner of DotTrend, Inc., a thriving web development company. However, an extraordinary turning point occurred when a captivating story took shape in my mind, demanding to be woven onto paper. This story, now titled "Black Switch," has blossomed into a mesmerizing science-fiction romance novel published by Austin Macauley Publishing—known for their presence in New York, London, Cambridge, and Sharjah.

Through the process of crafting "Black Switch," I discovered an unwavering passion for writing that compelled me to pursue it wholeheartedly. With the publication of my book, I find myself embarking on an exhilarating journey, eagerly immersing myself in the creation of a sequel that will unveil new and exciting adventures for my beloved characters. Additionally, I have ventured into the realm of children's literature, penning enchanting tales like "Rex and The Banana Yellow Bike" and "Where's My Biggy."

I extend an invitation to explore my diverse collection of books, all of which are showcased in my comprehensive online portfolio. Thank you for joining me on this incredible voyage of writing and storytelling.

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Go inside to view synopsis, colored page illustrations, characters and more.

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